peer to peer (p2p) MENTORSHIP PROGRAM

The peer to peer mentorship program (P2P) is offered each fall and spring to first-year CU Denver Health Administration graduate students.  The Health Administration Student Organization understands that first-year graduate students are presented with a myriad of intellectual and emotional challenges, the P2P program was developed specifically to help students address these challenges. 

P2P is an easily accessible resource that pairs first-year students with highly successful second-year students.  P2P is unique in its design as there is no formal blueprint or “one size fits all” structure.  Rather, P2P is a joint effort where the mentor and mentee tailor the goals and framework of their relationship to the specific needs of the mentee.  The nature of the program is to foster open and pragmatic conversations between the participants in order to help the mentee with course strategy, scheduling, career advice etc.

We believe that students can and do benefit from connecting with a mentor.  Working with a mentor will allow the student to establish an effective strategy from the onset of the program which will enable students to work in a more efficient manner, as well as make their graduate experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

Second-year students are ready and willing to help, so take the next step in getting the most out of your CU Health Administration program and sign up for a mentor today!